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[1] Teleparallel Gravity: From Theory to Cosmology, Rept.Prog.Phys. 86 (2023) 2, 026901, [arXiv:2106.13793 [gr-qc]]. Jointly with Konstantinos F. Dialektopoulos, Celia Escamilla-Rivera, Gabriel Farrugia, Viktor Gakis, Martin Hendry, Manuel Hohmann, Jackson Levi Said, Jurgen Mifsud, and Eleonora Di Valentino.

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[3] New black hole solutions with a dynamical traceless nonmetricity tensor in Metric-Affine Gravity, JCAP 02 (2023) 018, [arXiv:2210.05998 [gr-qc]]. Jointly with Jorge Gigante Valcarcel and Johann Chevrier.

[4] Perturbations in Non-Flat Cosmology for f(T) gravity, Eur.Phys.J.C 83 (2023) 3, 193, [arXiv:2203.00619 [gr-qc]]. Jointly with Konstantinos F. Dialektopoulos, Manuel Hohmann, Jackson Levi Said, Christian Pfeifer, and Emmanuel N. Saridakis.

[5] Symmetric Teleparallel Horndeski, [arXiv:2212.08005 [gr-qc]]. Jointly with Georg Trenkler, Leonardo G. Trombetta, and Masahide Yamaguchi. To appear in PRD.

[6] Spontaneous Scalarization of Black Holes in Gauss-Bonnet Teleparallel Gravity, [arXiv:2212.07653 [gr-qc]]. Jointly with Daniela D. Doneva, Ludovic Ducobu, Christian Pfeifer, and Stoytcho S. Yazadjiev. To appear in PRD.


[1] Rotating Kerr-Newman space-times in Metric-Affine Gravity, JCAP 01 (2022) 01, 011, [arXiv:2108.12414 [gr-qc]]. Jointly with Jorge Gigante Valcarcel.

[2] Black Holes in f(T,B) Gravity: Exact and Perturbed Solutions, JCAP 01 (2022) 01, 037, [arXiv:2110.04087 [gr-qc]]. Jointly with Alexey Golovnev, María-José Guzmán, Jackson Levi Said, Christian Pfeifer.

[3] Quantum gravity phenomenology at the dawn of the multi-messenger era -- A review, Prog.Part.Nucl.Phys. 103948 2022, [arXiv:2111.05659 [hep-ph]]. Jointly with QG-MM COST action.

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[6] Modified Gravity and Cosmology: An Update by the CANTATA Network, Book Springer 2021, arXiv:2105.12582 [gr-qc]. Jointly with CANTATA collaboration.
Teleparallel Gravity: Foundations and Cosmology, Book Chapter Springer 2021, Jointly with Konstantinos F. Dialektopoulos, Manuel Hohmann, and Jackson Levi Said.

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[8] Inflation in String Field Theory, Nucl.Phys.B 961 (2020) 115252, arXiv:2005.07956 [hep-th] Jointly with Haidar Sheikhahmadi, Mir Faizal, Ali Aghamohammadi and Saheb Soroushfar.


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[5] Is Gravity Actually the Curvature of Spacetime? , Int.J.Mod.Phys.D 28 (2019) 14, 1944021, arXiv:1905.04372 [gr-qc] . Jointly with Mir Faizal. Essay received an honorable mention in the Gravity Research Foundation Essay Competition 2019.

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Contributions in BOOKS

[1] Modified Gravity and Cosmology: An Update by the CANTATA Network, 2021. Modified Gravity and Cosmology, Springer: Cham, Switzerland. Chapter: Teleparallel Gravity: Foundations and Cosmology. Jointly with the CANTATA collaboration.

[2] Breakdown of Einstein's Equivalence Principle, 2022. World Scientific. Chapter: An Information Theoretic Approach to the Weak Equivalence Principle (pp. 99-118). Jointly with Quach, J. Q., Faizal, M., Norte, R. A..